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BiznZip Invest allows new and experienced investors to invest in high-growth, high-technology startups and innovations around the world starting from just $10 per month.

Your money helps the development and growth of global high-tech companies, which may soon become the next Google, Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, etc.

The platform will automatically create your diversified investment portfolio, minimizing the risks and maximizing profits at the same time. Owning shares in 100+ of the best startups in the world is the reality now, and the value of the shares that you hold will greatly increase with time.

Contribute to the making of new companies that improve the environment, create new sources of energy and help people live a better life on our planet!
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We work hard every day to help investors make money and for innovative startups to grow
Stanislav Dzyanovskiy
Founder & CEO
Pavel Koryagin
Co-Founder & CTO
Pavel Laletin
Founder & Non-executive Chairman
Mikhail Rykun
Ursus Negenborn
Chief Legal Officer
And a cool team of tech & investment specialists from around the world
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